The A Style team release highly anticipated, annual advertising campaigns to celebrate their anniversary. These campaigns continuously grow in production value each year, conceptualised and executed by award winning directing duo ‘MDFILMS’ which is run by Abo Raj and Desmond Dakura.

Swindon Advertiser:

Previous years have seen a variety of different advertising celebrations:

2018 saw a simple video which went viral, enjoying tens of thousands of views.

2019: A series of billboards we featured around Swindon, most famously on the Magic Roundabout.

2020: The Magic Roundabout billboard was back, plus another on Transfer Bridge on Station Road. Plus, the A Style team threw a community block party, celebrating with clients and people within the Swindon community. Drinks and food were served by Beenies Swindon and enjoyed by everyone.

2021: The team ran billboards across London and Swindon.

2022: This year’s campaign was the biggest to date and consisted of the A Style team travelling in a billboard van around the town, visiting fellow barbers and local businesses. Plus, the team gave away 1000 t-shirts to the community at Regent Circus.

Swindon Advertiser:

The A Style team consists of: Owner Asher Graham. Rez, who has been a loyal member since the beginning. Gaja joined in 2019 and has puts in an impressive 9am-7pm working day. The newest member of the team is Haydn, who has joined this year. He brings new skills and an additional range of clientele to the table.

Every year, Asher Graham and his team grow their investment into new business opportunities. They continue to break new boundaries, inspiring the next generation of barbers within the Swindon area. Check out what they are about release this year on Facebook or Instagram.

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