Another striking art piece depicting a famous film character is being created on a Swindon high street.

Street artist Nathan Jacka has been busy spraying a mural of The Godfather on the side of a barber on Corporation Street,

Nathan Jacka, who lives in the town, has been creating works in and around Swindon for years including the recently painted Batman and his villains on Bathurst Road.

He paints under the name of Jacksta Art and after immortalising Gotham’s finest, he has now moved on to one the most iconic movie gangsters of all time, The Godfather.

A big fan of the film, Nathan has been tasked with bringing Marlon Brando’s Vito Corleone to life on the wall beside Platinum Hands Barbers on Corporation Street.

“With this piece, the main thing is to empower men to actually look after their family,” he said.

“The film says that a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a normal man and I want to channel that with this piece.”

Nathan has been in talks with the barber shop owner since last November about creating something in the space which resonated with both of them.

“I approached him to say that you have a nice wall and we are both big fans of The Godfather so we agreed on that,” he said.

“It is quite challenging as it’s a big wall and the weather isn’t helping but I’m enjoying it.”