Some holidays are made for sitting by a pool and relaxing or exploring a new city and even climbing a few mountains.

But for those that like to soak up the culture of a new destination and want to taste the nation, you might look towards a ‘foodie holiday’.

Focusing on trying all the local cuisines and tasty bites on offer, whether it be Italy and its wide range of food from pasta, pizza, and gelato or to Australia and trying some fairy bread or Vegemite.

Whether you are a fan of trying new food or a self-acclaimed ‘foodie’ that prides itself on exploring new tastes, there are plenty of destinations across the world to try amazing new food.

From the likes of the USA, Brazil, and France to India, there are hundreds of destinations offering exciting food, and we’ve picked a handful for you to try.

Swindon Advertiser: Visit the USA for amazing food.Visit the USA for amazing food. (Image: Canva)

5 foodie destinations you need to visit


When you think of the United States you might just think of greasy Hamburgers, giant Hotdogs, and messy Buffalo Wings, and although they’re all tasty, there is much more to food in America.

Such as the BBQ, offers impressive brisket-style dining, the BBQs typically found in the southern states like Texas will give you trays of smoky beef, pickles, handmade slaw, ribs and beans.

If meats are not your thing then don’t worry as there are plenty of meat-free options such as the cobb salad, authentic plant-based burgers and the mouth-watering BBQ sweetcorn to name but a few.


A list of foodie holiday destinations wouldn’t be complete without Italy, the nation praised for creating some of the best-loved dishes in the world.

From traditional Roman foods like carbonara, pizza alla romana and tripe to carciofi alla giudia (a must-try), Rome offers plenty of yummy food.

Or you could travel south to Sicily and indulge in some arancini, cannoli (yum), pasta con le sarde and of course, the humble green pistachio.


Japanese culture has a lot of rich and tasty food from fish to noodles. There are plenty of options for everyone no matter what dietary requirements.

Some of the most popular and must-try items include authentic sushi, udon noodles, ramen, donburi and tonkatsu.

There are also some special meat-free dishes that deserve a mention, including tofu, edamame, onigiri and kashi pan.

Swindon Advertiser: Enjoy fresh pasta in Italy. Enjoy fresh pasta in Italy. (Image: Canva)


A culture known for enjoying snacks whilst soaking in the sun, Greek food uses fresh and tasteful food to offer the best dishes.

For full meals like the cheese and meat-heavy dish moussaka to the wrapped-up meaty and fresh gyros.

There are of course plenty of sweet treats to try including baklava, loukomades (doughnuts), white chocolate baklava cigars and karythopita to name a few.


The perfect destination if you like to explore and save, Malaysian food is described as a mixing pot of traditions with food inspired by nations across Asia.

Some of the must-try include the national dish of nasi lemak as well assam laksa, curry mee, apam balik and cendol.

Plus, you can even try the national drink of teh tarik, a masala chai inspired by Indian chai but uses condensed milk.

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