Strictly star Amy Dowden has revealed a devastating update to fans after 'another type of cancer' was discovered during an MRI scan.

The professional dancer from Wales, who was originally diagnosed with breast cancer, will not participate in the new series of the BBC show after this discovery.

The 32-year-old TV icon shared the news with fans on social media where she discussed the issue during an Instagram Live with CoppaFeel!

Amy Dowden diagnosed with 'another type of cancer' as more tumours found

She said: "For me, my journey - everything changed. I was originally going to have a lumpectomy, radiotherapy, and hormone treatment. But then, after my MRI, they found another tumour so then it changed into a mastectomy and then, after my mastectomy, unfortunately, they found even more tumours.

"And my pathology wasn’t what they were expecting. And they found another type of cancer and then they told me I needed chemo – for me that was a massive blow. It wasn’t in the plan, originally – and I know the plan you can’t get fixated on.

"So all of a sudden then, I realised. And you get scared. But the oncologist did say that with chemo I’ve got a really good chance of a cure."

This comes after the dancer shared an emotional wedding message to her husband where she thanked him for "spoiling" her and for being "Mr Positive".

During the Instagram Live, the BBC Strictly star added: "I was really scared and I didn’t want to do chemo, but then seeing someone like yourself who’s carried on and for me straightaway it was my dancing, like, you can take away my boob but you can’t take my dancing away from me and that’s what I get really upset about."

Amy Dowden went on to say that "I’m just staying really positive and hopeful that I’m still going to be part of the show in some way and my aim is to continue dancing – the oncologist said to me movement is really, really good for people on chemo, it’s important. So that was encouraging."

Amy Dowden thanks fans for the outpouring of support after new cancer diagnosis

After an outpouring of support, Amy Dowden thanked fans for their support, saying: "I’ll tackle this next step the best I can and very blessed to have the love and support of my family and friends along with you guys. Thank you!"

She added: "The rest of the year looked very different to what was planned but hopefully I’ll enter 2024 cancer-free and I’ll never take anything for granted promise to live life to the full!"