EastEnders star Liam Bergin has left behind acting altogether after pursuing a radically different career as a yoga teacher.

Liam, who is well-known for playing Danny Mitchell, learned the new skill while in India and is looking to put this to good use.

He first hit our telly screens all the way back in 2010 when he crashed Archie's funeral while playing the estranged half-brother to the Mitchell Sisters.

After only four months in Albert Square, the star left EastEnders only to return again in December of 2016 just as Roxy was struggling with a cocaine habit.

Soon after, Danny Mitchell received an invite to Ronnie's wedding before leaving the BBC programme again after the Sisters' tragic deaths.

However, his departure from the show seems more long-term with news that he is leaving the acting world behind to pursue yoga.

Previously, Liam Bergin revealed in an Instagram post where he learned much of his yoga knowledge, telling fans: "I have so much love for this guy [Oscar Corleone Sundman].

"He has literally taught me everything I know about yogic breathing, he began teaching me in India innit in 2019, and he's still teaching me right now.

In another more humorous post, he showed off some of his yoga skills in a post reading: "One day I won't be able to do this pose anymore. While I can, I'm gona show off about it. Loose the ego Liam. What did you say, USE the ego? Yea, use the ego."