Three graduates from a Swindon performing arts school have managed to land themselves top roles in one of the biggest cinematic hits for the year so far.

The talented up-and-coming actors appeared in the new Barbie film as alternative Barbies and Kens.

The feature inspired by the popular children's doll has secured itself as one of the biggest film releases of all time, with the UK going pink-crazy.

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In the film, we meet Margot Robbie's Barbie and Ryan Gosling's Ken as they navigate the complications of gender stereotypes in 'Barbieland' and the real world. 

But we also meet a whole host of other Barbies and Kens played by recognisable faces and also extras, some of which are graduates of the town's very own performing arts school, Wilkes Academy.  

Three up-and-coming talents who learned performing arts at the Swindon school starred in the film as Barbies and Kens - Adam Robertson, Charlie Goddard and Alana Rose Rixon. 

The Academy posted congratulations to all three of its alumni on its Facebook page, praising them for appearing in such a huge film. 

In three separate posts on the social media platform, it said: "Huge congratulations to our outstanding graduate Charlie Goddard on being 'Baby Ken' in the new Barbie movie, we are so proud of you Charlie.

"Another huge congratulations to our amazing graduate Alana on being part of Barbie movie, we are so proud of you Alana.

"Another Wilkes family Ken. Congratulations to our brilliant graduate Adam, we are so proud of you and hope you had an incredible time!"

Playing Barbie, Alana can be seen in the film in several different outfits, but is most noticeable during the 'Supreme Court' scene. 

Commenting on her time in the film, Alana Rose Rixon said: "Going to work every day on the Warner Brothers set of Barbie was such an incredible and surreal experience. Greta Gerwig is an amazing director and it was an honour to be involved in her vision"

Charlie Goddard is credited as 'Baby Ken' and has come fresh from his role in that film to Swindon where he is currently filming his next project - a feature film called 'Look To The Light' for which he is playing the starring role. 

As of August 1, Barbie is approaching £50m in the box office in just the UK and Ireland alone after only just 10 days. Worldwide it has smashed several box office records and is well on its way to grossing £1billion.