One of Wiltshire’s best-kept secret pubs has opened up about the building’s history and the spectacular views it offers.

The Dumb Post Inn is situated at the top of a hill by the village of Bremhill which itself is between Chippenham and Calne.

Housed in a stunning stone building with an outdoor patio surrounded by green fields, the estate is as eye-catching as the views around it.

Landlord Richard Board took over the pub in October of 2019 with his parents having owned the watering hole for 15 years.

Swindon Advertiser: The Dumb Post Inn can be found by the village of Bremhill.The Dumb Post Inn can be found by the village of Bremhill. (Image: The Dumb Post Inn)

“I have loved being the landlord so far and despite tough times such as Covid, we navigated it and came out of it pretty strong,” he said.

“We are on top of a hill so the views are spectacular and it's always a hotspot in summer and this year is no different.

“The building hasn’t changed much over the years and is in keeping with the village’s rural aesthetic.”

The 39-year-old is an aircraft engineer by trade but decided to help his family out by running the historic village pub.

“I keep my hand in with the flight world and work down in Bournemouth for a few days a week,” said Richard.

Swindon Advertiser: The pub is situated on top of a hill.The pub is situated on top of a hill. (Image: The Dumb Post Inn)

“The pub side is great though and we are fully booked for weekends two weeks in advance and picking up a lot of trade, so we are really happy.”

The records date the building back to around 1608 which is around when the village was founded, and it was originally used as a corn store.

An award-winning restaurant can be found inside which serves a selection of à la carte dishes as well as pub classics.

“We have one rosette from last year and the target is two but we hope to maintain it this year also,” said Richard.

“The patio area outside the back is a real highlight for its view over the hills of Cherhill and Calne and inside we have five traditional open log fire places.”

Swindon Advertiser: The patio offers fantastic views of the surrounding areas.The patio offers fantastic views of the surrounding areas. (Image: The Dumb Post Inn)

Despite the pub offering fantastic views, food and drink, it remains somewhat off the radar to the general public.

“We have a large local following but also we have a lot of fans of our food so we are very well supported by nearby residents,” said Richard.

“It’s all word of mouth because we are quite hidden and are a bit of a secret pub for those in the know.

“We are a destination pub and if you don’t know us, it wouldn’t jump out at you.”