Swindon's town centre has gone through a lot of changes over the years.

News of the Fleming Way underpass's upcoming demolition prompted a trip into the Adver archives to see

Photographs from the mid-'70s show parts of Gloucester Street, Cheltenham Street, and Wellington Street in a state of significant disrepair.

Other snaps capture pieces of Oriel Street - which no longer exists - and a row of bricked-up and boarded-up homes on Westcott Street, where Betty Uzzell was the only resident in December 1975.

The Central Club on Farnsby Street had also seen better days,

Meanwhile, one business on Wellington Street remained defiantly open despite Thamesdown Council buying property on the street to knock it all down.

Dentist Arthur Priston told the Adver in September 1977: "I have been here for 51 years and I am going to be here for another 51... I am not moving unless they make me a very good offer and they are not likely to do that."

Much of the area around Swindon's train station has been redeveloped in the decades since these photos were taken. Vintage vehicles and a Hambro Life sign atop the railway station offices that is no longer there can be spotted in these time capsule images.