A Swindog sculpture created as part of an art trail in support of a children's hospice has been damaged.

One of the 30 six-foot-tall fibreglass sculptures that are designed to look like illustrated balloon dogs now has unsightly scratches all over it.

Event organisers alerted participants to the damage caused to Guard Dog over the weekend.

A spokesperson said: "We’re so sad to see one of our lovely Swindogs has been damaged.

"These beautiful works of art are one-of-a-kind and need to be celebrated and treated with kindness."

Swindon Advertiser:

"Local and national artists have lovingly created them to spread joy across Swindon and raise essential funds for Julia’s House Children’s Hospice.

"Knowing how many of you are enjoying the trail and sharing your sculpture selfies, we understand this might be disappointing.

"Rest assured, Guard Dog will be well-groomed in time for our Farewell Weekend event and Grand Auction in September.

"Thank you for promptly notifying us of any incidents via social media or by texting 07467 849 989.

"Let's continue to respect all our beautiful Swindogs and Swinpups!"

Swindon Advertiser:

The event continues throughout this month and will conclude by gathering every sculpture under one roof and auctioning them off for charity.

To take part in the trail, visit www.bigdogarttrail.co.uk or download the app.

Swindon Advertiser: