One of the nation’s most controversial commentators is set to perform a stand-up show in Swindon later this year, after several other venues cancelled her shows.

Katie Hopkins first found fame starring as a contestant on the reality television show ‘The Apprentice’ in 2006 before appearing more regularly in the media.

She has since established herself as a controversial figure due to her outspoken views on politics, social class and race.

It has been announced that she will take to the stage at Swindon’s MECA with her ‘Infectious’ tour in November.

Swindon Advertiser: Katie Hopkins is a controversial figure in the media.Katie Hopkins is a controversial figure in the media. (Image: Newsquest)

This comes after several of Ms Hopkins’ shows have been cancelled due to the controversial nature of her content.

The media personality was due to perform at the Weymouth Pavilion earlier this year with her ‘Live. Laugh. Love.’ tour but her gig was scrapped.

A spokesman for the venue told the Dorset Echo that they did not usually get told reasons as to why acts cancel but said it was not the Pavilion that pulled the plug.

However Ms Hopkins claims it was the manager of the theatre that had taken the decision to cancel her show and that no reason was provided.

Swindon Advertiser: The show will be hosted at the MECA.The show will be hosted at the MECA. (Image: Newsquest)

She said: "Live. Laugh. Love. does what it says on the can. It lifts people up, makes them laugh and they leave feeling better. And goodness knows we all need a bit of cheering up right now.

"Other theatre managers who have seen the show say it is pure joy. 

"I am so sorry for all our wonderful supporters and ticket holders who have been let down. You should have the freedom to choose who you see. Don't want to come? Don't buy a ticket. 

"Whether you are a lover or a hater, no matter. Perhaps you will join me in asking Weymouth Pavilion to reconsider their decision and let people decide for themselves.”

The contested figure has also had shows in Bedford, Dundee and Southampton cancelled this year for a variety of reasons including public outcry.

Swindon Advertiser: Katie Hopkins will take her 'Infectious' tour to Swindon in November.Katie Hopkins will take her 'Infectious' tour to Swindon in November. (Image: Katie Hopkins)

Regarding the Swindon show, Ms Hopkins said: “So many people have been made to feel alone.

“Come along to MECA Swindon, you will be surrounded by people who just want the best for you and for you to be as free as you can be.

“Laugh hard. Find hope. And leave feeling better”.

Doors open at 7pm on the Wednesday, November 1, with tickets starting from £20.00 which can be purchased here.