An 18th century Wiltshire pub that features its own cricket pitch has seen its new landlords settle in well since last winter.

The Poplars on Shop Lane in Wingfield has been in the village for well over 200 years and is easily reachable from Trowbridge.

Along with its authentic décor inside and host of local beers, the pub is also famed for having its very own cricket pitch.

Landlord Alin Onofrei and wife Corina joined the ranks in October of last year and have settled into village life well since moving.

Swindon Advertiser: Corina and Alin say that they have settled into the pub well.Corina and Alin say that they have settled into the pub well. (Image: Alin Onofrei)

“It’s a very nice opportunity and we are happy where it is going despite it being hard work,” he said.

“All my life I have worked in pubs but this is the first time I have been the landlord which has been so fun so far.

“The people around are very nice and friendly and I would say half of our customers are regulars with residents from the nearby villages now coming to the pub and I am proud of that.

“We try to create a great connection between us and the local residents.”

Swindon Advertiser: The pub has its very own cricket pitch.The pub has its very own cricket pitch. (Image: Alin Onofrei)

The 40-year-old landlord loves the unique accessory of the cricket pitch but admits he knows nothing about the sport.

“I don’t know too much about cricket so I was surprised when I saw we had our own cricket pitch,” said Alin.

“There has only been one game since we arrived though because there are not enough players currently and the weather has been poor.

“We hope next season will be different and that we can welcome more people along.”

The 18th century pub has won awards for its gardens in the past and has candles on each table with wall-mounted lanterns giving off a warm and comfy glow.

Swindon Advertiser: The pub has a large beer garden for the warmer months.The pub has a large beer garden for the warmer months. (Image: The Poplars)

Cricket memorabilia on the walls reminds you of the pub’s finest asset which only acts to add more character to an already charming building.

The watering hole is split into sections by a central bar with two main dining areas boasting a fine selection of drinks as well as freshly made pub dishes.

“We try and get all of our drinks locally and all of our food is fresh on the menu,” said Alin.

“It is classic pub food that keeps people happy and coming back so that’s the way we are doing it.

“We recently have installed a Madri pump because it is massively popular now and we try and listen to what the customers want.”