Artists have spread across Swindon this weekend to take part in the town’s annual art festival and brighten up the streets.

Swindon Paint Fest is now into its second year of running since Helen Salter and Caryn Koh founded the event in 2022.

The festival aims to have a positive impact on the community by encouraging art en masse throughout the town across a specific weekend and beyond.

This year’s edition began on Saturday and is continuing throughout Sunday with several artists working on new murals in locations such as the town centre and Old Town.

Swindon Advertiser: Co-organisers Caryn Koh (centre) and Helen Salter (right).Co-organisers Caryn Koh (centre) and Helen Salter (right). (Image: Helen Salter)

“I moved here five years ago and I felt that I can see first hand that the changes that street art is making here,” said Caryn.

“By putting the art outside it shows the art is for the people and it is a form of expression.”

Artists could be seen at Theatre Square in Swindon on Saturday afternoon creating largescale drawings and paintings.

Live entertainment was also held around the area with street dancers performing as members of the public walked around touring the art’s live creation.

The festival will continue throughout Sunday and is open and free to the public to get involved.