MORE details have emerged on debt and companies linked to the owner of Swindon Town Football Club.

Clem Morfuni sought to allay concerns earlier this year when it was revealed that what was believed to still be an arm of his business empire, Axis Plumbing NSW Pty ltd, had been liquidated.

CEO Rob Angus said at the time it was ‘nothing to worry about’ and part of a ‘restructuring’ in July.

But it has now emerged Mr Morfuni had quit the directorship of the company and sold his shares in July 2022, ceasing to be part of the Axis group.

This was months before lost the first of two legal battles ordering it to pay back hundreds of thousands in debt.

In 2018 and 2019, Axis Plumbing NSW Pty Ltd, commissioned trades and labour personnel from Brighton-based construction support services provider The Shore Group for projects in London but ultimately did not pay the £856,611.51 owed.

This led to two court judgements, one made in the UK High Court of Justice in September 2022 and another made in the Supreme Court of Victoria in Australia in March this year.

Both ordered the firm to pay those debts, but it was liquidated before doing so.

In a statement provided to the Adver, the Shore Group now says it will “explore all options” to recover this debt.

In response, Morfuni’s legal representation Bird and Bird said he cannot be held liable for it now.

It added in a letter to The Shore Group that Mr Morfuni ceased being the director in July 2022, a few months before the first court judgement and ten months before the company was liquidated, so there was 'not a sufficient justification to hold their client accountable'.

It comes after various issues the Australian business magnate has faced which has caused concern among Swindon Town’s fan base.

Last year, both Able and Centreplate UK unsuccessfully sought to wind the club up to recover money allegedly owed by the previous owner of the club Lee Power.

Then, in August, a document on Companies House revealed 20 per cent of the club has been given to two women, Hollie Kiely and Bethany Parladorio. 

Addressing this, CEO Rob Angus told fans at a public Q&A session that it was a ‘mistake’ and Mr Morfuni still owned ‘100 per cent of the club’.

But the following day, Mr Morfuni himself admitted shares had in fact been used as security against a loan needed to pay off a pressing £2.9m debt he did not know needed paying soon.

At the time he said he was owning up to the ‘mistake’ and apologised to supporters.

“One promise I made when I took over was that I would never take a penny out of the club and would only put money into the club which I continue to do and I will always stand by that,” he said.

He added that the amount of debt he had paid back since taking on the club, estimated to have been around £6m, was more than expected.

He also added he remained committed to running a sustainable club, but the news led the club’s Supporters Trust to call for ‘a new era of openness and transparency'.

NOTE: This story was edited at 630pm to add more context to the cases mentioned

To help with further clarification on this story we have edited the headline to say, Town owner's former company. We have also included a statement now sent below:

A spokesperson for Mr Morfuni said: “Mr Morfuni does not own Axis Plumbing NSW Pty Ltd, either wholly or partly, and it is not part of the Axis Group.

"He is not involved in the liquidation of the company and neither he nor the Axis Group are liable for the debts owed by Axis Plumbing NSW Pty Ltd to any third party.”