West Swindon's cinema has gone through a few changes over the years.

Photos from the Adver's archive show the Shaw Ridge Leisure Park multiplex under construction in the early 90s, before it opened as the MGM in 1991.

After celebrating its first birthday with a young moviegoer who also turned one at around the same time, MGM later rebranded as Virgin Cinemas in 1995 and revamped its lobby, pick-and-mix, and bar area.

After the turn of the millennium, Cineworld took charge and continues to manage the site to this day.

Snaps show staff at work, a peek inside the projection booth, and a marquee advertising the film event of 1999 - the premiere of Star Wars Episode One.

Among the smiles and happy faces, there are a few customers who complained that ticket prices were too expensive.

Imagine what they would think now...

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