Spiders will try to crawl into your home for mating season - but there are plenty of ways to prevent this.

Arachnids try to sneak inside people’s properties at this time of year to meet potential partners and lay eggs in dark corners that could later become an infestation.

Home furniture seller Online-Bedrooms.co.uk has offered seven top tips to stop the creepy crawlies from using your home as a lovers’ nest.

Spokesperson Nic Shacklock said: “The mere thought of spiders entering millions of homes sends shivers down our spines.

“Spider mating season comes into full swing at the end of August through to September which means many of us could be facing an infestation.

“No one wants spiders crawling around their homes so there are a few things you can do to keep them at bay.

“For example, spiders hate the smell of lavender and mint so it’s worth giving these scents a spritz around your home.

“It’s also important to seal up any holes in the home they could potentially crawl through. Preventative measures like this are best for keeping these eight-legged insects out.”

Here are some of the ways to spider-proof your house or flat:

  • Lavender

Spiders can’t stand lavender and won’t want to be near the smell. A lavender-scented essential oil can do the trick as the aroma will spread.

  • Put window netting up

This will also stop other pesky bugs such as wasps and flies from coming inside.

  • Seal holes

Spiders often fit through tight passages when making their way into homes, so it’s worth checking for any holes and gaps in skirting boards or floorboards, then sealing them up.

  • Spray white vinegar on corners

Spraying a mix of white vinegar and water in corners once every morning should be enough to deter the eight-legged pests.

  • Mint

 Light a mint-scented candle to spread the aroma, or add fresh mint to some of your meals as the distinct smell will put them off.

  • De-dust the bedroom 

Give the space a regular clean to get rid of excess dust. This includes headboards, throws, pillows, and mattresses. Less dust means fewer spiders.

  • Peppermint oil on a cotton pad

Dab a bottle of peppermint oil onto a cotton pad and wipe it across window ledges. The strong scent will prevent spiders from wanting to come inside, so you can open your windows without worrying about them.