A group of donkeys at an animal sanctuary have an adorable breakfast routine where they line up and wait for a tray of TOAST.

Footage shows Dolce, Muffin, Edward, Eli and Nutmeg feasting on their breakfast courtesy of volunteer Chris at the Caen Hill Countryside Centre in Devizes, Wiltshire.

The centre is a charity that helps young and vulnerable people with placements on the farm to develop skills.

The 70-acre farm has over 300 animals including ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, and emus.

A spokesperson for the Caen Hill Countryside Centre said: "One morning Chris was having his breakfast by the donkey's gate when Eli came over and would you believe, he took some toast.

"He not only took the toast but he enjoyed it too and our other donkeys really wanted him to share.

"Luckily local supermarkets kindly give us surplus food which is not taken by our local food banks, which meant we had plenty of bread.

"So, the next day Chris went out with some extra toast and shared breakfast with all of the donkeys and now they all often share breakfast together at sunrise.

They added that the toast is a treat for the donkeys and "these are given in moderation."

The footage was captured on July 30.