Two iconic muralists joined forces for the first time at this year's Swindon Paint Fest.

The annual graffiti and street art festival, organised by Artsite, returned to the town for its second year after being launched in 2020 and boasted several big names. 

Two of them, Ken White and Andrew Burns Colwill, worked together to create one of the event's stunning street-facing murals.

Andrew was taking part in the festival to create a masterpiece called Blindfolded on a wall on the side of Crystal Spirit Shop on Morley Street. 

As the Bristol-based artist made progress on his work, he was joined by Swindon's very own Ken to share some wall space for the artwork. 

Swindon Advertiser: Andrew Burns Colwill and Ken White working on a mural in Swindon for Swindon Paint FestAndrew Burns Colwill and Ken White working on a mural in Swindon for Swindon Paint Fest (Image: Swindon Hub)

A spokesperson from Swindon Paint Fest captured the moment and shared some photographs of the talented pair together. 

They said: "The priceless moment when two original classical painters and muralists meet."

The moment was well received with a representative from Swindon Hub, which had supported the event, spending some time with them as they worked. 

Later, a spokesperson for Swindon Hub posted on Facebook a reaction to the moment. 

"The masterpiece, 'Blindfolded' by Andrew Burns Colwill for this year's Swindon Paint Fest 2023 is complete," they said.

"What a truly special day it was to watch such skill, not to mention talent at work adding the finishing touches and then have local legend; original Swindon muralist Ken White come along and join in the fun for a while, just topped it off!

"Two incredible and skilled artists meeting in person at last, both who have gifted Swindon Town with their art."

Swindon Advertiser: The finished mural on Morley Street, SwindonThe finished mural on Morley Street, Swindon (Image: Swindon Hub)"It was a day of new connections, reconnections and community - which is what it's all about really!

"Thank you Andi for this beautiful and meaningful piece, the tea and chats as you worked (making it look so easy too) and just being so gracious and lovely. A day that those of us who were there, won't forget

Mr Colwill responded to this post by saying: "Thanks guys, absolutely pleasure working with you all, cracking week..."

A spokesperson from the Crystal Spirit Shop that the artwork sits on added: "I hope you manage to see the mural in all its glory. It has so much detail that is hard to see in the photographs."

Despite starting on September 2, Swindon Paint Fest continues as some artists make the finishing touches to their work.