As summer draws to a close and autumn arrives, let's take a look back at a popular park attraction that no longer exists.

Coate Water's paddling pool was a popular place for families to spend a sunny afternoon in the nineties.

The Mayor of Swindon, Stan Pajak, reopened a revamped version of the leisure area in 2002 but a decade later, it had become dilapidated.

A £120,000 splash park replaced the pool in 2012 but that too has since approached the end of its life.

This part of the park is currently condemned as the borough council decided it was no longer viable to keep the splash park open - but a replacement paddling pool/splash park hybrid is on the cards and money has been set aside for the new facility.

A recent survey asked Swindonians what they would like to see there, so hopefully families will be able to enjoy splashing about on a sunny day again in the near future.

Have a look through our gallery of nostalgic pics of summers past - can you spot any friends, family, or even yourself in these images?

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