Swindon is home to many a pub and bar but none are quite as quirky as The Tuppeny.

Located on Devizes Road in Old Town, you will find everything from toilets made of old beer barrels to tables made of drums inside.

The unique pub which regularly has live music opened its doors in 2016 after four locals came together to realise an idea.

Swindon Advertiser: Ed Dyer (left) and Jamie Stapleton (right) at 2022's Oktoberfest celebration.Ed Dyer (left) and Jamie Stapleton (right) at 2022's Oktoberfest celebration. (Image: The Tuppenny)

Owner Jamie Stapleton and his wife Hayley partnered with Linda Gulliford and her partner Ed Dyer, who all wanted to offer the town something refreshing in the drinking scene.

“Approximately ten years ago I had a big desire for a career change in the world of music which I worked in for 20 years,” said Jamie.

“I wanted to open a bar because as a musician you spend a lot of time hanging around them and you can really get a feel for a place through them."

Swindon Advertiser: The bar is stocked with a large variety of drinks.The bar is stocked with a large variety of drinks. (Image: The Tuppenny)

The 41-year-old gained the ideas from his career and travels, bringing it all back to create The Tuppenny.

“It wears its influences on its sleeve as everything we have featured is inspired from places that I have visited,” said Jamie.

“Our toilets are made from beer barrels and our tables are made out of some old orchestral drums.

Swindon Advertiser: Hayley Stapleton and Ed Dyer at Old Town’s Sausage and Ale Trail.Hayley Stapleton and Ed Dyer at Old Town’s Sausage and Ale Trail. (Image: The Tuppenny)

“The colour scheme of dark blues comes from a bar in Portugal that I visited and it also is the exact same colour as the Two Penny Stamp which is a main motif in our logo."

The pub also has a variety of board games to play with a drink which have helped it become one of the town’s hotspots for first dates.

“It’s class and cosy and at the same time so it’s weirdly popular for first dates with them normally playing games such as Connect 4 and Jenga,” said Jamie.

Swindon Advertiser: The pub's toilets are made from old beer kegs.The pub's toilets are made from old beer kegs. (Image: The Tuppenny)

“We know one couple who have married since they had their first date here and they even came back for post-wedding drinks which absolutely delighted us all.

Jamie and the gang are proud of what they have created in Old Town and believe it was what Swindon’s drinking scene was crying out for.

“It is a melting pot of a broad, diverse collection of themes and so we pride ourselves on that,” he said.

Swindon Advertiser: Linda Gulliford behind the bar.Linda Gulliford behind the bar. (Image: The Tuppenny)

“It is many things that blend together to create one identity which reflects us owners as we’re four very different people.

“There are no bars in the area that can do what we do in terms of quality of product and uniqueness of space.”