An online magazine has announced it will stop listing events at a Swindon venue that is set to host a Katie Hopkins comedy show - and has suggested to its readers that they boycott the venue.

Devizine, an online events and entertainment news, features and opinion website based in Devizes, used to list events at The MECA on its platform, but has publicly announced that it will no longer do so.

It comes after two local organisations - Swindon Solidarity and Swindon Stand Up To Racism - had written an open letter to both the venue management and Swindon Borough Council, which owns the building but has no say in who appears there, to intervene and prevent the divisive figure from appearing. 

But the Swindon town centre venue released a public statement saying it "was not willing to play into the harmful cancel culture of recent years" following these calls, in effect refusing to cancel her show. 

While this received many messages of support from members of the public, others were less impressed.

In a statement on its Facebook page, a spokesperson for Devizine said: "In the light of Meca Swindon hosting a Katie Hopkins evening we will no longer list their events.

"We will not entertain or promote hate speech and racism, and we suggest you boycott the venue until such a time it is cancelled."

Katie Hopkins is due to come to The MECA on November 1. She has been contacted for comment.