A passionate dancer and pro-EU campaigner from Swindon went viral this week.

Steve Rouse, who runs a dance exercise business is a leading light in the group Dance Europa, which took part in the Rejoin the EU march held in London at the weekend.

And as at previous marches Steve, members of his family and friends produced a medley of European dance styles to entertain the marchers as they made their way from Hyde Park to Parliament Square outside the House of Commons.

A video taken by passers-by of Dance Europa has gone viral.

Posting onto X, formerly known as Twitter, Barney Davis wrote: “Obsessed with the guys.”

The video in which Steve featured prominently has been seen by more than 1.5 million people, with 1,532 having ‘liked’ the post.

They were included in coverage of the march in the national press, including the Independent, and was featured briefly on the Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5.

Standing in for the host, Rob Rinder introduced a clip of the dance group, dressed in Blue and Yellow and using flags as wings, dancing outside Parliament in what he called “a buffet of dance styles”.

Afterwards, possibly slightly satirically, he said: “Well, if you weren’t a Remainer before, you’d definitely be one after that.”