GLOUCESTERSHIRE Police says its investigation into the Halfpenny Bridge strike is 'ongoing'. 

On June 20, a man in his 30s crashed into the side of Lechlade's historic Grade II-listed bridge and was subsequently arrested. 

Since then the road between Highworth and Lechlade has been closed causing significant disruption to locals who commute in the area. 

A spokesperson told The Adver in July that it was still waiting on the results of blood tests. 

And after being contacted again this week, a police spokesperson was only able to provide the following comment.

"Our current line of communication continues," they said. 

The Adver understands, however, that some progress has been made in the police's investigation since July, when this newspaper was told about the wait for blood test results. 

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After weeks of delay caused by complications relating to the structure's listing, work finally started on repairing the bridge at the beginning of this month. 

The Gloucestershire County Council website did list the finish date for this work as mid-October, but work appears to be behind schedule as per the timeline of events it also listed at the time, but currently the section of the website dedicated to the ongoing project is not working.