COATE Water's diving board is one of the town's instantly recognisable and iconic structures but it has recently found itself at the centre of much debate.

The Grade II-listed construction which dates back to the 1930s was once the subject of frivolity and fun with members of the public using it for its intended purpose.

But now the water in Coate Water is believed to be less than ideal to swim in and the diving board remains a stoic and unused figure in the middle of the lake.

Last year it underwent a much-needed £100,000 refurbishment paid for by a grant where it was cleaned, repainted and had handrails installed.

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But in the ensuing year since, the monument has once again become grubby and unkempt as no cleaning regime was put in place by the council at the time.

This has sparked the new council administration to consider a regular maintenance plan for it.

Some members of the public agree this is needed, but others feel that the money could be better spent on public services elsewhere.

Here's what people responding to the proposals on the Swindon Advertiser Facebook page had to say.

Ryan Kirby said: "Demolish it. This is like repainting the Domebusters after demolishing the whole Oasis building."

Jade Tamara Wilmot said: "Honestly a beach front would be way nicer, so many things they could do here, like making the lake safe to swim again or adding a pool section into the lake with clean water.

"It would be a awesome place for Swindon to start swimming again since the closure of Oasis we have no good adequate pools!"

Jayne Robinson said: "Well, why don't they spend the money on cleaning up the water.

"It's just a glorified bird perch..wasted money - but that's Swindon Borough Council - experts at wasting money."

Jamie Bridge said: "No deterrent for the pigeons and gulls installed.

"The lake should be dredged and made fit for swimming and other pursuits

"Classic Swindon’s council wasting opportunities and money!

Jay Karr said: "I removed the scaffolding and pontoon when the lads had finished painting this.

"All the rails had been redone.mad how the weather is taking it back in just a years.

"I was told the whole job cost over 100k . Absolutely crazy to waste that sort of money on an old concrete diving board."

Neil Tinson: "As no one has been allowed to use it in donkeys years due to the contamination in the lake.

"Either clean up the lake so people can use it or remove the diving board and save money each year on cleaning.

"Really not rocket science but cleaning an object that no one can use except pigeons is crazy."

Toby Robson said: "And here we have Swindon writ large. Instead of wondering why the job wasn't done properly, people seem to begrudge any money being spent at all.

"When people from outside Swindon survey this concrete and semi derelict town centre and the rotting heritage, acres of identikit estates and then the images of beautiful or historical buildings and objects long since demolished, they wonder what kind of mindset and culture allowed this situation to happen.

"Well, wonder no longer.

"Swindon, a place where people moan about spending some money maintaining a well known historical landmark, but celebrate the opening of a new motorway service station. Where people moan about a devastated town centre and local shops closing, but buy Chinese manufactured tat from home.

"People who complain about the high cost of living, but still manage to have one of the highest per population consumptions of home delivered fast food.

"People who either whine about Swindon being "unfairly" ridiculed as bland, lacking culture and boring - or actually seem to take some kind of perverse reassurance from it.

"People always remind me that it's the people that make Swindon what it is. They are so right, aren't they?"

Natasha Staniford said: "Stop wasting money."