A Wiltshire teacher who sent naked photos of himself to a female student has been banned from the profession indefinitely. 

Tyler Lewis, 27, was a PE teacher at Corsham School when he began acting inappropriately towards a student there by sending her messages, buying her flowers and perfume and meeting her outside of school where they kissed in his car.

He was warned about his conduct but didn't stop, leading to a Teaching Regulation Agency panel, where he was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct with all allegations against him proven. 

As a result, Lewis, who was not present at the panel hearing, was banned from teaching.

Mr Lewis began working at the secondary school in 2019. 

In June 2021, concerns were raised to the school about his interactions with a female student on social media. A formal meeting took place where he admitted to sending private messages to her and was then warned about the staff code of conduct and he undertook additional safeguarding training.

In October of the same year more concerns were raised about his contact with the same pupil and a 'letter of expectation' was issued to the teacher telling him to stop. 

In January 2022, another staff member spotted Mr Lewis talking to the student in the leisure centre car park. He was suspended while an investigation took place, and then after a disciplinary hearing given a formal warning. 

Four months later, more staff members raised the alarm about Mr Lewis and he was suspended again.

Days later, he handed in his resignation effective August 31. After accepting his resignation, the school still held a second disciplinary hearing and terminated his employment in July.

The girl on the other end of Mr Lewis' advances gave evidence during the panel and revealed that they had sent nude photos to each other. 

She said: "I never sent a fully nude photo, however, Tyler Lewis' photos were always fully nude. After I sent a photo of myself, Tyler Lewis sent me a photo back of his penis."

Mr Lewis denied this in a pre-written response, but the panel stated they found the witness evidence compelling and ruled that on the balance of probabilities, it was proved. 

The student also explained that in 2020, Mr Lewis repeatedly talked about having sex with her.

She said: "He repeatedly mentioned that I should go into school and meet him in the S Block changing rooms, which he had the keys to. He said that it would be a 'good place to have sex', and a 'place he's always wanted to have sex with me', or words to that effect."

Mr Lewis did not provide a response to this allegation. 

Lewis did say in his letter to the panel: "I want to make it very clear that I am completely aware of my wrongdoings in this investigation, and my inappropriate involvements with [a student] have rightfully cost me so much in my life already.

"My behaviour regarding the situation has been highly unprofessional and should never have happened."

But the panel pointed out that in his statement Mr Lewis showed no empathy towards the impact of his actions on others, focussing solely on the impact on him. 

The panel said: "There was no demonstration of any insight or remorse in respect of his misconduct.

And it added: "Mr Lewis failed to demonstrate any degree of empathy or acknowledge the impact of his actions on others, on [the student], other students, parents, colleagues or the wider community."

A Corsham School spokesperson told the BBC Local Democracy Reporting Service: "The safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority, and we ensure this through rigorous application of the school's policies and procedures."