SEVERAL people have been injured after a car doing doughnuts at a large car meet in Swindon lost control and ploughed into the spectating crowd. 

Around 500 people descended on Hawksworth Industrial Estate for a car meet which devolved into chaos on Saturday evening, September 30.

During the evening, the crowd formed a circle around a group of drivers doing doughnuts, when one of the vehicles suddenly stopped drifting and slammed into the crowd, injuring several people, one seriously. 

Wiltshire Police also reported that officers were treated with hostility by the large impromptu gathering with damage caused to the tyres of one of their vehicles and several officers being attacked and sprayed with an 'unknown substance'. 

The police say they are now in the process of reviewing the footage and will be acting on any offences or offenders they are able to identify from it. 

One arrest was made in connection with the event.

A man in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, but this is not linked with the crash that caused the injuries. 

Wiltshire999 has obtained video footage of the moment the car slammed into unsuspecting members of the public and has posted it onto their TikTok account. 

In the video, two cars can be seen drifting in the middle of a circle formed by a large group of people and around a smaller group of people forming an 'island' in the middle. 

One car makes it around the makeshift track without any issues, but an orange car following it suddenly and violently stops drifting and instead goes straight forward, directly into a number of people. 

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It is understood that Wiltshire Air Ambulance medics arrived by car, alongside ambulance crews and two fire engines to deal with the incident. 

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: "We responded to reports of a large car meet at the Hawksworth Industrial estate, Swindon just before 7.30pm on the evening of Saturday, September 30. 

"The gathering involved around 100 cars and 500 people.

"One of the vehicles has hit pedestrians, causing injuries thought to be serious to at least one person, not thought to be life-threatening.

"Officers attending were greeted with hostility with the tyres on one police vehicle being damaged and an unknown substance being sprayed onto officers.

"Wiltshire Police is working with partner agencies in order to reduce future car meets."