SWINDON Borough Council has decided not to intervene in a local venue's decision to host Katie Hopkins. 

The MECA in Swindon issued a public statement recently stating it had no intention of cancelling an appearance from Hopkins as part of her 'Infectious' comedy tour after growing pressure to do so. 

Leader of the council, Jim Robbins, responded to an open letter written to the local authority and the venue by two campaign groups - Swindon Solidarity and Swindon Stand Up To Racism - calling for the controversial figure's show to be cancelled because of Hopkins' alleged racism. 

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In it, he confirmed that the council agreed with the sentiments behind the campaign groups' letter but explained that the council had no legal right to dictate who The MECA could book to appear at their venue - even with it being a council-owned building. 

He said: "We spent a long time discussing the rights and wrongs of intervening and have decided not to, on the basis that the ensuing publicity would end up with more tickets sold and more attention going Ms Hopkins' way.

"I'm meeting with the owner of the MECA this week and I will express my unhappiness that Katie Hopkins is appearing in the town."

As a result of the appearance, the council has decided to set up a fundraiser for the local charitable organisation The Harbour Project, an organisation that supports 

Cllr Robbins added: "We urge all of those who are unhappy with the decision to book Katie Hopkins to make a donation. 

"Hopefully this will lead to some positive action coming out of her appearance in the town in the way that the RNLI receive donations each time Nigel Farage tries to criticise them."

In their letter, Swindon Solidarity and Swindon Stand Up To Racism pointed out that Hopkins has been banned from South Africa 'for spreading racial hatred', and highlighted some of the comments she has made in public which are allegedly racist.

A spokesperson for the group said: "We are astounded that Swindon Borough Council, whose cabinet is set to approve that Swindon joins the City/Borough of Sanctuary network allowing this event to take place in a building it owns."

In response, The MECA issued a public statement stating it was not "willing to play into the harmful cancel culture of recent years".