A Swindon woman who crochets food items and dishes has revealed the most difficult item to make.

Coral van der Kamp from Tadpole Garden Village first started creating wool items during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of entering her grandchildren.

Her passion grew from there and through it, she found her niche of crocheting realistic and colourful food dishes.

She now sells two ranges including one based on café meals as well as a patisserie range that gives the Great British Bake Off a run for its money.

Swindon Advertiser: The crocheted cream slices.The crocheted cream slices. (Image: Coral van der Kamp)

“I create anything from ham, egg and chips to cream slices, fruit tarts and cheesecakes,” said Coral.

“Some pieces can take five hours to create such as the burger bun which includes its own lettuce, tomato and cheese.”

The 64-year-old does however find certain aspects of the hobby extremely challenging with condiments being a particular problem.

“It is finding the colours that is the most challenging aspect as it is very hard to find the exact shade of wool,” said Coral.

Swindon Advertiser: Coral's crocheted burger and fries.Coral's crocheted burger and fries. (Image: Coral van der Kamp)

“I would love to do baked beans and coleslaw but anything with a sauce is so hard to do because it’s hard to show them poured over food produce so sauces are my nemeses.

“It is also difficult as there are no patterns as this is all from my imagination so there is a lot of experimenting at the moment.

“How do I make a mushroom look realistic is my biggest conundrum currently.”

Coral now sells the ultrarealistic items on her Facebook page to fellow Swindonians and local playgroups to fund her passion.

Swindon Advertiser: Coral's crocheted bangers and mash.Coral's crocheted bangers and mash. (Image: Coral van der Kamp)

“So I have started selling it since and with the money I generate I plough it back into local things,” she said.

“So with the money from the play food, I have been able to buy wool to create the poppy display at St Andrew’s Church in Blunsdon.

“The Little Play Hub on Rodbourne Road also got in touch recently and put in an order for 10 items.”

Swindon Advertiser: Coral's crocheted sandwiches.Coral's crocheted sandwiches. (Image: Coral van der Kamp)

With over 1,000 food items created, Coral acknowledges that her hobby is obscure but relishes the chance to allow her imagination to run wild.

“I’m totally nuts but I am following a passion and it is creative and imaginative,” she said.

“During the pandemic, it was one of my ways of occupying myself in the solitary confinement of lockdown.

“I am retired so it is lovely to be able to indulge in this at this age because I know have the time to do so.”