These vintage photos show the heyday of a popular West Swindon nightclub.

Cairos in Shaw Ridge gained a new lease of life in 1999 when it transformed into Eros in March 1999.

Adver photographer Sam Frost had the first look inside the venue and his snaps have now become a time capsule of the past.

The eye-catching aesthetic of the bar and booths is matched by the unusual idea of having a swimming pool set up right in the middle of the dance floor.

Other images from our archive show revellers and staff preparing for a night out in the months that followed, including a teen-friendly event organised in September 1999.

The shiny signage above the entrance glistens in one shot from 2002, but it would soon be swapped out for a new name in a few years' time.

Eros became Ocean 4 in November 2006 and kept the party going into the 2010s.

There is no longer a nightclub open at the site as it is now a completely different entertainment destination - Laser Quest.

Do you have any fond memories of time spent at Eros? Let us know!