SWINDON firm Nationwide has announced a 'significant' rebrand of its high street branches. 

The move, which the national chain has labelled as the biggest change it has made 'in a generation', follows its commitment to keeping its stores open for local people. 

All 605 branches will be rebranded as Britain’s biggest building society continues to value face-to-face service at a time the major banks have closed significant numbers up and down the country as research from Nationwide reveals 63 per cent of people value their local branch, with face-to-face service the top reason.

Gone will be the recognisable logo of the word Nationwide in the white box with the red line underneath it and the little white house graphic, replaced instead by just the word Nationwide with a less complicated red house graphic by its side. 

Swindon Advertiser: Nationwide's existing logo and the new one it will be transitioning toNationwide's existing logo and the new one it will be transitioning to (Image: Nationwide)The new look for one of Britain’s biggest financial institutions represents its biggest image overhaul since 1987 – when the average house cost just £40,882. It is aimed at ensuring Nationwide - a member-owned mutual - remains attractive and relevant for future generations of customers looking for a financial services provider that puts people before profit.​​

Debbie Crosbie, chief executive of Nationwide Building Society, said:  “Nationwide is the large-scale alternative to shareholder-owned banks. We offer a good way to bank for our customers through our national network of branches, better service, value and fairness. Our rebrand keeps us relevant for customers today and tomorrow.”​

Alongside branches, all payment cards and customer communications will be updated with the new brand as part of a commitment to offer ‘A Good Way To Bank’, based on offering leading service, value and fairness.  

Swindon Advertiser: A billboard advertising Nationwide's new branding and commitmentA billboard advertising Nationwide's new branding and commitment (Image: Nationwide)

A Nationwide spokesperson added: "The latest move by Nationwide demonstrates the difference a member-owned institution can make for its customers and society. ​

"In June, Nationwide extended its Branch Promise, meaning it won’t leave any town or city in which it is based until at least 2026.

"In May, it returned £340 million of profit to 3.4 million eligible members through the first ‘Nationwide Fairer Share’ payment, with each receiving £100."

In February, it was revealed that the building society planned to make 450 staff redundant to "streamline" certain parts of its central, non-member-facing teams around the UK.

At the time, the company said an effort had been made to keep the number of employees affected to a minimum and to support those leaving their roles.

Nationwide employs around 18,000 staff across the country and 6,500 solely at its Pipers Way headquarters in Swindon.