A Wiltshire village pub now guarded by a sci-fi villain was once the unlikely base for some US forces during World War II.

The Crown, located on The Square in Aldbourne, dates back to the 1800s but has had plenty of happenings in the years following.

In the Second World War, US paratroopers known as the Band of Brothers landed in Aldbourne and the village hosted them.

From these infantry landings to having a resident iconic sci-fi villain, bar manager Clare Collin has embraced her two years working at the pub.

Swindon Advertiser: The Dalek has been outside of the pub since 2012.The Dalek has been outside of the pub since 2012. (Image: The Crown)

“This is the first pub I have managed and I really love it as we are very unique with what we have,” she said.

“The best part of the job is the social aspect as we get to know all of our customers.”

The 36-year-old soon became especially acquainted with one member of The Crown team, the Dalek who guards outside pub’s door.

“We have a Dalek outside because Doctor Who was filmed in the village in the 1970s and we are very proud of our connection with the show,” said Clare.

Swindon Advertiser: Clare has been at the pub as bar manager for two years.Clare has been at the pub as bar manager for two years. (Image: Clare Collin)

“A gentleman called Tim Beattie who runs the local car garage created it and it has been outside since 2012.”

The landing of the Band of Brothers in the 1940s is also treasured by the village with The Crown contributing in their own way.

“Lots of tourists from the United States come over and the pub is one of the stops,” said Clare.

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Swindon Advertiser: The Crown has a wide selection of drinks available.The Crown has a wide selection of drinks available. (Image: The Crown)

“We have a room called the 101 Bar with lots of memorabilia such as photographs and old clothes from the time for people to have a look at.”

There are five hotel rooms upstairs while a courtyard and gaming room featuring a jukebox and pool table can be found downstairs.

Alongside this roster are the restaurant and bar area which both provide a unique experience compared to most watering holes.

Swindon Advertiser: A former landlord of The Crown in the 1800s, John Pett.A former landlord of The Crown in the 1800s, John Pett. (Image: The Crown)

“Our food menu caters for everyone and offers a large selection of different dishes because we do unique dishes alongside the classics,” added Clare.

“There is a huge selection of gin so we likely have any flavour that you can think of and this is the same for the other spirits.

“We try and keep in with the locals when it comes to beers and ales so we do tend to buy from a local brewery when we can.”

The pub is open seven days a week.