100,000 bees have been moved into an enclosure on the roof of a Swindon office building.

Zurich has built the enclosure on top of Unity Place in the town centre in order to promote sustainability.

The bees were moved in on Tuesday, October 10. The honey produced will be served in Zurich’s café for employees to be able to enjoy.Swindon Advertiser: Bees move into Zurich building

There are now two colonies on the roof of the building and employees will have the opportunity to win the first two jars of honey by naming the two queen bees as well as being able to purchase the honey. Profit from the honey will go towards Zurich Community Trust.

Beekeeper and former employee, Geoff Cox will offer staff ‘teach-in’ sessions where they will be able to learn about bees and how important they are for the eco-system.

Geoff said: “Unfortunately, bee populations are declining due to habitat loss and climate change - this year has been particularly challenging for them.

"I will be keeping a regular eye on the colonies, helping to maintain the enclosure.

"I’m excited to see them thrive in their new environment and we’re hoping to give the bee population a well-needed boost.”