Swindon is home to many wonderful pubs - but which one tops the lot in the eyes of the punters?

Our top 10 has been compiled using Trip Advisor's cuisine category for pubs. The rankings are correct as of Monday, October 9.

They are based on the average score of reviews as well as the number of reviews that the pub has received.

The Messenger

Swindon Advertiser: Taking the number 10 spot is the Messenger.

The Covingham estate pub has been commended for its friendliness with one manager being described by a Trip Advisor user as “super welcoming”.

Multiple reviewers have been impressed by both the food and the atmosphere in the pub.

It is located at 5 Covingham Square, Covingham, Swindon SN3 5AA.

Helen Browning’s Royal Oak

Swindon Advertiser: A recent review described the Royal Oak as “quirky” and comfortable” with others commenting on its unique feel.

One user commended the ale provided by the pub and was impressed at how attentive staff were despite the pub being extremely busy.

The location of the pub is something that has also been pointed out as it has been described as being “in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside”.

It is located at Cues Lane, Swindon SN6 8PL.

The Harvey

The Harvey has been described as faultless. The pub's most recent review reads: “I couldn't find fault with this pub. The food was reasonably priced and very good, the staff friendly and very attentive & the place was spotless.”

The pub currently has five stars for 134 reviews.

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It is located at 18 West Swindon District Centre, Swindon SN5 7DL.

The Plough on the Hill

Swindon Advertiser:

The pub, which as the name suggests is on a hill, is just on the outskirts of Swindon, up the road from the M4.

A review posted in September said that the pub is amazing for allergies and vegans. The reviews on Trip Advisor commend their Sunday lunch as well as the general atmosphere and the pub as a whole.

The pub is located at Marlborough Road, Badbury, Swindon SN4 0EP.

The Bell Inn

Swindon Advertiser:

“Great food, great staff, great atmosphere,” wrote one Trip Advisor user after visiting the Bell Inn.

The food seems to be what makes this pub really stand out with most people reviewing the pub commending its roast and range of traditionally British meals.

The pub is located at Purton Stroke, Purton, Swindon.

The Crown Inn 

This pub seems to be popular with those who live in the area as one person wrote: “Local pub with a very friendly welcome”.

The atmosphere of the pub has been repeatedly complimented on the website and seems to be the kind of pub that people are eager to get back to.

The pub is located in High Street Broad Hinton, Swindon SN4 9PA.

The Heart in Hand

Swindon Advertiser: This family-run pub has won the hearts of dozens of customers as their glowing reviews prove it to be one of the best pubs Swindon has to offer.

"Efficient, friendly, delicious" is what one visitor titled their review of the pub.

The pub is located at 43 High Street, Blunsdon, Broad Blunsdon, Swindon SN26 7AG.

The Rat TrapSwindon Advertiser:

The Rat Trap which is now under new management seems to have hit the ground running with countless good reviews.

One person wrote: “Lovely little pub, great food and staff make you feel at home.”

It is located at Highworth Road Stratton St Margaret, Swindon SN3 4QS.

The New Calley ArmsSwindon Advertiser:

The New Calley Arms is well renowned for being one of the best places to go for food in Swindon having taken the top spot on the Adver’s top 8 pubs, earlier on in the year.

The traditional pub boasts a nice beer garden, a wide selection of beers and friendly staff. One Trip Advisor user claimed that they had the best Sunday pub roast ever.

The pub is located at 2 Ham Road, Swindon SN4 0DF.

WindmillSwindon Advertiser:

Taking the top spot as the best pub in Swindon is the Windmill. The reviews for this pub are absolutely glowing as users rave about the food as well as the service.

One user said: “Excellent food and excellent service.”

The pub is located at Worsley Road Freshbrook Village Centre, Swindon SN5 8LY.