A popular chicken chain has arrived in Swindon - but is it any good?

It seems either very brave or very foolish to open a fast food place focused on American fried chicken literally around the corner from KFC, but that's exactly what Boparan Restaurant Group has done with Slim Chickens.

And actually, the gamble might just have paid off.

Swindon Advertiser: Inside Swindon's new Slim Chickens restaurantInside Swindon's new Slim Chickens restaurant (Image: Newsquest)

In the name of thorough investigative journalism - and because I was hungry - this Adver reporter popped over to Slim Chickens at lunchtime on Wednesday.

It had only been open for an hour, so the place was packed, but staff were doing well to keep up with the demand as the queues were fairly short and moved fast.

My colleagues were keen to join my investigative pursuit, so I decided to see how much food I could get for £30.

Swindon Advertiser: Order at the self-service kiosks or at the staffed counterOrder at the self-service kiosks or at the staffed counter (Image: Newsquest)

The five crispy wings and five tenders meal (£15.45), which came with fries and Texas toast, a drink (refillable soft drink, milkshake, beer, orange juice), and a choice of three (of 15) dipping sauces, was the largest on offer.

One classic chicken sandwich (£8.45) with cheese and bacon (£1.50 extra) and some Buffalo blue loaded fries (£6.95) filled out the other half of the order.

Other options include buttermilk-marinated chicken tender meals (from £8.45), crispy chicken wing meals (from £10.45), wraps (also £10.45), vegetarian options (plant-based burger or tenders, salad), other sides (pickles, fried onions, mac and cheese), and kid's meals (£5).

Rather pricey, yes, but in fairness, it was a step above the usual fast food.

Swindon Advertiser: Buffalo blue fries, chicken wings and tenders, and a chicken sandwich from Slim ChickensBuffalo blue fries, chicken wings and tenders, and a chicken sandwich from Slim Chickens (Image: Newsquest)

The order was ready reasonably quickly - especially given its size - and when I returned to the office, there was much rejoicing.

The chicken tenders were indeed tender and generously sized, the wings were juicy, the new-to-me garlic sriracha dip was moreish with a nice kick, the fries reminded me of those from TGI Fridays, and the Texas toast tasted like garlic bread, so lots to like.

The Buffalo blue loaded fries, tried by our wise overlord editor, also received the thumbs up.

Swindon Advertiser: Slim Chickens in SwindonSlim Chickens in Swindon (Image: Newsquest)

However, my fussy tastebuds could not cope with the Slims sauce, which covered them in many flavours at once, none particularly appealing. Maybe it's an acquired taste.

A colleague commented that Slim Chickens is less greasy and crispier than KFC, which "tends to be quite damp and soggy", and enjoyed the spicy seasoning and ranch dressing in the chicken sandwich.

I'd certainly go back for more - and the Terry's Chocolate Orange milkshake sounds tempting.