Kidz About in Swindon have confirmed that they will not reopen their doors, despite best efforts to repair multiple bouts of flood damage.

The soft play centre was hit hard when floods swept through the premises in a torrential thunderstorm last month, and then was battered again by flooding just last week.

Staff have been working round the clock to repair the damage, and managed to reopen between the two floods.

Now the owner of Kidz About, Alistair Burnett, has decided that the time has come to “draw a line in the sand.”

Swindon Advertiser: Alistair Burnett has tried everything to reopen the soft play centre and recover from flood damage.Alistair Burnett has tried everything to reopen the soft play centre and recover from flood damage. (Image: Dave Cox)

“As you are no doubt aware, last month was a rollercoaster for us here at Kidz About,” the owner explained in a post on Facebook.

“Firstly, we had to share the sad news that we were closing, and then soon after we suffered a huge amount of flood damage.

“The team worked so incredibly hard to get us open again so we could say goodbye properly, only to come in last weekend to find the damage that further rain had caused.”

Alistair and the team had recovered and reopened after the first flooding disaster only four days before further floods hit at the beginning of October.

“Not only is it not viable for us to carry out yet more repair work, it’s also not fair on the team to keep going under these circumstances," he said.

“There have been so many ups and downs, I now need to draw a line in the sand. So it is with great sadness that we advise you that we will not be reopening our doors here at the Spectrum Building.

“I understand that this will be disappointing to you, but I hope you can see that this situation really is beyond our control.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your custom and loyalty to Kidz About. We appreciate every one of you.”

The company have confirmed that anyone who still has a booking for the soft play centre will receive an email shortly with details about their refund.

Mr Burnett said that he hopes to be able to find another venue in the near future to bring back the popular soft play area.