The unfinished state of some of the roads and pavements in Tadpole Garden Village has been branded “a disgrace” by a local councillor.

The large expansion development to the northwest of Swindon is still seeing houses built – but much of it has been inhabited for years.

Local parish councillor Bradley Williams of the Swindon Area Green Party says, 10 years on from its beginning, the village was: “far from the originally envisioned completion”.

“The situation in Tadpole Garden Village is nothing short of a disgrace," he said.

"Unfinished roads, hazardous pathways, a lack of street lighting, and neglected green spaces are the unfortunate reality. This predicament extends beyond Tadpole, as I fear many areas across Swindon face similar challenges.”

Cllr Williams said efforts to engage with developers, notably Crest Nicholson, who are the principal developers of the village, have yielded dwindling outcomes.

He added: “Initially, the communication between myself and the developers was productive, but now I sense a deliberate avoidance."

"Residents are shouldering a premium, a precept, and council tax, yet they perceive this as an inadequate return on their investment. This is not an isolated issue limited to Tadpole: it reverberates throughout our town."

Cllr Williams asked, at a recent Borough Council meeting for a public consultation with the developers to provide residents with a platform to voice their grievances and concerns. In response, Swindon Borough Council leader Jim Robbins agreed to try to arrange a meeting to facilitate such a consultation.

Cllr Williams said: “The future of Tadpole Garden Village now hangs in the balance as the local community is striving to garner support and instigate change. The central question remains: Will this vocal dissatisfaction trigger the much-needed action that Tadpole Garden Village urgently requires?”

A spokesman for Crest Nicholson said: “We are committed to delivering high-quality homes and community facilities for the Swindon community.

"As we move towards completion of Tadpole Garden Village, we continue to work closely with key stakeholders to complete estate roads, and community facilities and hand over the Nature Park.

“Already this year, we have delivered a number of new roads and public open spaces which are now enjoyed by the local community. All plans for further completions can be found on the PREIM portal.”

Swindon Area Green Party is also advocating a motion that no approval will be granted for new planning in new areas until existing projects can demonstrate a clear path to completion through firm, well-established plans.