GREEN was the theme as youngsters at a Swindon primary school got to grips with an eco-friendly scheme.

Nythe Primary School had its students paint a mural on a school wall as part of an ongoing project to improve the school's grounds.

Eco coordinator Colleen Smith said: "The wall on the outside of the old swimming pool was looking tatty and run down.

"So we decided to paint the mural as an outside stage for both formal productions and also so the children can just play with it."

Every child in the school got the opportunity to paint something on the mural that took three days to produce.

The school teamed up with community arts company No Added Sugar to run the project.

The mural is the latest project undertaken by youngsters at the school over the past 19 months.

Colleen said: "We have planted a small orchard on our school grounds as well as digging out a pond.

"We also had a vegetable garden dug out and planted onions, marrows, potatoes and tomatoes.

"On Saturday we had a family day in which everyone built a large scarecrow for our vegetable garden.

"Also every child made an individual small scarecrow with their parents to take home.

"Once they took them home they planted them in their garden.

"Then everyone could come and collect a trail sheet from the school for £1 which had a map of where all the scarecrows were.

"When they have completed the trail and checked off every scarecrow they have to bring it back here and we're going to have a prize draw.

"We just decided that we wanted to involve the whole community.

"All the money raised will go towards future projects."