The longstanding landlord of one of Swindon’s most popular pubs has spoken out about his time in charge.

Andy Marcer has been in charge of The Beehive on Prospect Hill for 31 years and has seen many famous faces walk through the doors in that time.

From politicians to musicians, the landlord has served them all while also ensuring the pub has regularly partaken in charity work.

With over three decades behind the bar, Andy looks back favourably on his time in the Swindon watering hole.

Swindon Advertiser: The Beehive is located on Prospect Hill in Swindon.The Beehive is located on Prospect Hill in Swindon. (Image: Dave Cox)

“You get less time for murder! I am more or less bedded in now like a weed,” he said.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was my local pub from when I was at college so I see myself staying for another ten years or so.”

The 59-year-old’s highlights include the many celebrities he has served over the past 30 years which include local band XTC.

“We have had all the XTC members in here over the years with Barry Andrews frequently coming in recently too,” said Andy.

“Many American and Japanese tourists who are XTC fans come across to us because of this and the annual XTC convention.

Swindon Advertiser: Bar manager Arry Chave behind the bar in The Beehive pub.Bar manager Arry Chave behind the bar in The Beehive pub. (Image: Dave Cox)

“Other famous guests include the former Labour deputy leader Tom Watson who came into the pub just before the pandemic and we also had David Allen from the band Gong.”

Andy led the pub to help out during the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s and even travelled over to supply aid to the affected countries.

“It has had its moments and I am a huge fan of good live music so that is something that I have expanded over the years,” he said.

“That is my biggest thing and we also got involved in taking aid to Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo during the Yugoslav Wars.

“I actually went across myself a few times and it was very inspiring and daunting which left me with a different outlook on life.”

Swindon Advertiser: The Beehive Pub in Swindon dates back to the 1880s.The Beehive Pub in Swindon dates back to the 1880s. (Image: Dave Cox)

Founded in the 1880s, The Beehive is housed in a uniquely shaped building and has an emphasis on supplying the town with great beer.

“It is a friendly neighbourhood pub which is shaped like a wedge of cheese,” said Andy.

“Our speciality is real ales and we always have six on tap we are owned by Greene King so three will be from them.

“The other three we try to make sure are local but they change quite frequently so there is always something a bit different.”