AN ANIMAL sanctuary is being swamped by injured creatures.

John and Deana Warwick run the Swindon and District Animal Haven at Wootton Bassett.

Most of their time is spent caring for abandoned or rescued animals.

But in recent weeks they have been busy recovering wounded animals - and trying to find them new homes.

Three of the most recent injured casualties included a crow, a rabbit and a terrier dog called Itchy.

"The crow was brought to us four weeks ago," John said.

"It was found outside Primark in Swindon and had injured one side of its body.

"It couldn't fly so we took care of it and it has fully recovered.

"We're trying to release it but it doesn't want to leave.

"The rabbit was severely injured. A fox had ripped it from its throat to its underbelly.

"After a lot of care it is now ready for a new home.

"My advice is that if anyone wants to get rid of a rabbit then take it to a sanctuary, don't release it because it won't survive.

"The terrier is 10 years old and has mange. The owner couldn't afford to treat it so they gave it to us.

"We were advised to put her down but she's been bathed and brushed every day for five weeks.

"She is still recovering but she's fantastic and ready to be re-homed. She responds to the name Itchy."

The summer months tend to see a lot more animals, of all varieties, being taken in by John and Deana.

John said: "This time of year we have a lot more birds.

"We have a lot of fledglings, as it is the time of year when all the babies are hatching.

"The extreme wet weather is also playing a part. It is driving animals out of their holes so they are being got at by predators."

The Swindon and District Animal Haven, based in Ballards Ash, Wootton Bassett, has been running since 1999 and takes in a wide range of animals.

John said: "We've actually got 37 guinea pigs coming in soon so once they have been looked after and sorted out they will be looking for new homes as well."

If you would like to re-home a rescued animal then contact the Swindon and District Animal Haven on 07990 868887 or visit