The most haunted places and buildings in Swindon have been revealed ahead of Halloween.

Being a town with a lot of history, it is no surprise that several spots across the area are believed to be haunted.

One man who is keen to get to the bottom of the ghouls across the country is author Paul Lee who has set up a website with an interactive ghost map.

This aims to pinpoint where ghosts or other paranormal activity has been witnessed and Swindon does not disappoint given its multiple map entries.

From spectral nuns to spooky lifts, here are the most haunted places in the town.

The Wyvern Theatre

Swindon Advertiser: The Wyvern Theatre is said to be haunted.The Wyvern Theatre is said to be haunted. (Image: Dave Cox)

Now a destination for entertainment, the Wyvern Theatre also apparently lets in ghouls along with audiences.

Amongst the ghostly chaos is a haunted lift that moves up and down by itself which is sure to elevate fears late at night.

The sound of someone running in the admin area as well as black figures around the stage and auditorium have also been noted.

The Goddard Arms

Swindon Advertiser: The Goddard Arms' current landlord Glynn Roddy.The Goddard Arms' current landlord Glynn Roddy. (Image: Dave Cox)

As previously covered in the Adver, it is no secret that the Old Town pub claims to possess ghosts following a dark past.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a maid who was murdered by her jealous boyfriend in a coal shed behind the hotel in April 1914.

There are also said to be the sounds of children running along the corridors during the early hours.

The Clifton

Swindon Advertiser: Staff at The Clifton in Swindon.Staff at The Clifton in Swindon.

Another pub on this list that claims to be haunted from the other side is The Clifton in Kingshill.

Host to a mean pub quiz, the watering hole also has some ghost hosts present with a spectral nun being spotted here.

It is rumoured that the pub was built upon the site of a convent or priory so, occasionally, poltergeist-like activity breaks out here.

The Health Hydro

Swindon Advertiser: The Health Hydro is currently closed for renovation works.The Health Hydro is currently closed for renovation works. (Image: Newsquest)

Due to renovation works, the building is currently closed off to the public and it’s a good thing too given the high chance of bumping into a ghost there.

A ghost known as Arthur is said to patrol the site here, and on one occasion a visitor heard a disembodied female voice asking a member of staff what he was doing there.

Swindon Fire Station

Swindon Advertiser: Swindon Fire Station by the Magic Roundabout.Swindon Fire Station by the Magic Roundabout.

The firefighters’ home next to the Magic Roundabout is another of the town’s more paranormal spots according to Paul.

A lady looking like a drowned woman as well as running footsteps and an old lock keeper have all been experienced here.

The Glue Pot

Swindon Advertiser: The Glue Pot pub is rumoured to be haunted.The Glue Pot pub is rumoured to be haunted. (Image: Newsquest)

Another pub on the list and one with lots of activity is The Glue Pot near Swindon Railway Station.

Landlords have spotted a man in the cellar wearing a leather apron and leather arm chaps.

They said that the ghost was aware of them as they would make way for each other passing on the stairs.

There is also a Victorian lady has also been seen as a fast-moving black shadow who has moved objects and prodded a landlord in the back.

A medium said she is in distress as looking for her daughter.

St Mary’s Church

Swindon Advertiser: St Mary's Church on Tovey Road.St Mary's Church on Tovey Road. (Image: St Mary's Church)

A female spectre has been seen in the Tovey Road churchyard apparently looking for her baby and it is said that she was hanged for murdering her offspring.

Lydiard House

Swindon Advertiser: Lydiard House is allegedly visited by several ghosts.Lydiard House is allegedly visited by several ghosts. (Image: Swindon Borough Council)

The ghost here is said to manifest as a figure in the gardens and is assumed to be Sir John St John who lived at Lydiard House.

A white lady has been seen on the staircase and is said to appear on October 30.

A civil war drummer boy is also to be observed in the garden, and in the avenue leading to the house, a spectral horse and coach.