Like most people, I quite like Pizza Express.

The dough balls are always the star of the show and the pizzas are generally very pleasant so when I spotted their Surprise Bag listed on the Too Good To Go app, I was very much looking forward to trying it.

I bought two of the bags for £5 and I was left both very happy and very disappointed at the same time.

Too Good To Go is an app where establishments that sell food can do so with leftover products for a discounted price.

It is a win-win - the food is incredibly cheap and you are saving the environment while you do it.Swindon Advertiser:

The only slight downside is most of the time you don’t know what you are going to get.

Normally I quite like the surprise, particularly as I am the least fussy eater on Earth but this time I was left confused.

I purchased two bags, one for myself and one for my partner. We picked the food up from the Pizza Express in Old Town at 10.45pm.

When we got home we found that in one was a lasagna and three pieces of chocolate fudge cake. Absolute success! In the other was two pieces of chocolate fudge cake. Not so much of a success.Swindon Advertiser:

Now, things may have been different if we had ordered them separately and they probably just put them randomly across the two bags however the variety in size and value was massive.

The app does say that one main course or three starters/desserts is guaranteed so if we are treating the bag with two pieces of cake separately, it did not deliver. But the other bag was very generous.

We had to share the lasagna and split the cake.Swindon Advertiser:

The lasagna was good and I appreciated the size of it. The sauce was slightly sweet and a bit odd but the meat was well-seasoned and overall I enjoyed it

The cake was spectacular. I ate the three pieces in about 10 minutes. It was fluffy, the icing was wonderful and the ratio of it to cake was absolutely perfect. It was genuinely one of the best pieces of cake I have ever bought.

So, what's the verdict?

Half a lasagne and two and a half pieces of cake each is a pretty good deal for £5 especially as the cake was so good - but the difference between the two bags was disappointing.