A baby otter separated from its mother by the recent storms has been rescued after approaching a group of children. 

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust was conducting an education session with a group of children on a wildlife reserve in the area when the lost animal walked straight up to them. 

He was kept warm and dry by the amazed group until he could be taken to wildlife rescue centre RSPCA Oak and Furrows. 

The centre said in a statement on its Facebook page: "This little chap was brought in last week after approaching a group of children during their education session and curling up in a coat. It is likely that his den was flooded during the recent storms and he became separated from mum.

"He was transferred to UK Wild Otter Trust for further specialist care."

In an update asked for by a member of the public in the comments, the Oak and Furrows spokesperson added: "He is up and down at the moment, we will hopefully have an update for everyone next week!"

Responding to further questions, the centre spokesperson explained that separation is a common occurrence during periods of bad weather but that 'something wasn't quite right' for the animal to approach humans.