The mechanic behind Wiltshire’s much-loved Bassett Garage has died, after over 50 years of service.

Tony Tubb, who set up Bassett Garage on Station Road with his brother in 1971, died on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

The beloved father and brother is responsible for fixing generations of cars in Royal Wootton Bassett and beyond, and he is being remembered by the community for his great kindness and wit.

“I’m absolutely gutted. Tony MOT’d my first VW camper after we restored it and my father thought the world of him,” said Alex Hutchings.

“My grandad used Tubb’s garage all the time and I also used to go there years ago. He was a very nice gentleman and always happy to help with the cars,” added Sue Turnbull.

Loyal customer Jake commented that Tony will always be remembered for his good humour and ability to “take the piss out of someone.”

“He was a lovely man and thankfully I gave him ample opportunities to be on the receiving end of his sarcasm and wit.”

Swindon Advertiser: Tony Tubbs opened Bassett Garage over 50 years ago.Tony Tubbs opened Bassett Garage over 50 years ago. (Image: Steve Tubb)

After his brother Charles moved on to a different business endeavour, Tony continued to work at the garage alongside his son Steve Tubbs for many years.

Speaking about his late father's life, Steve said:

“When my dad left school he was first an apprentice gardener at Bushton Manor, and then he was called up to do national service, which he served in Cyprus.

“After he came out of the army, he resumed his job at Bushton Manor before going to work at the agricultural factory Blanch Lely in Royal Wootton Bassett so he could make more money.

“All throughout that time he had been buying and selling used cars from home with his brother Charles and so weekends and evenings were devoted to working on cars.

“Eventually they managed to rent a yard in Royal Wootton Bassett in 1971, and both gave up their day jobs."

Tony and his brother Charles devoted their whole lives to setting up Bassett Garage in its early days, and growing the business.

“I joined the business age 20, having previously worked for a vintage car restoration company," added Steve.

"My Uncle Charles decided to venture into antiques and opened a shop named Tubbjoys, whilst my father and I carried on with Bassett garage which has now been trading for 52 years.

“My father will be very missed, and he has helped so many customers over several generations. We have had and still have some truly lovely customers who have been very loyal to us, and will feel his loss.”