Succulent chicken and a tasty salad for under five pounds sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening, well that is exactly what I did.

Too Good To Go is an app which lets you choose selected restaurants and different food establishments and pay a discounted price for leftover food that would otherwise be wasted.

Whilst the food provided is often a surprise, in some cases you know exactly what you're signing up for.

One of the more eye-catching offers on the app is from Harvester, which offers half a rotisserie chicken and salad from their iconic salad bar for only four pounds.

With my shift ending at 8pm, I thought a ready-made meal for such a great price would end my evening on a high and put me in a good mood, and it did exactly that.

So, I reserved my half-rotisserie chicken and made my way over to the Harvester restaurant at Thamesdown Drive last Thursday at 9.30pmSwindon Advertiser: I was welcomed by a group of very friendly and humorous members of staff who very quickly got my food and even helped me snap a picture of myself.

Now down to what you really want to know, how was an Adver reporter's Thursday night dinner?

It was phenomenal, I like salad but I am always slightly cautious when there is an array of colours and shapes. I’m not sure why, I think I worry that the flavours will clash - however, boy was I wrong.

Despite the chicken being excellent I couldn’t help but devour the salad, there was a heavy helping of pineapple as well as beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, croutons and many more salad items.

It felt like a majority of the salad bar had been emptied into this box and it was a great decision by whichever wonderful person was responsible for my meal.Swindon Advertiser:

The honey mustard glaze was poured across everything, and it really made me smile, there was a lovely variety of everything with a nice amount of lettuce to build a solid foundation for my salad.

Now, the half rotisserie chicken, which I did misread to be a whole rotisserie chicken did leave me slightly confused until I realised my mistake.

Regardless I dug into my chicken in front of the TV and it was great. It was very succulent and well-seasoned.

To conclude, my whole experience of obtaining a half chicken from Harvester was wonderful, from getting the food to eating the food, I had a great time.