A Swindon MP has welcomed the government's U-turn on closing railway station ticket offices.

South Swindon representative Sir Robert Buckland said he was glad to hear that train operators have been asked to withdraw their proposals to shut manned service counters.

On Wednesday, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said that the proposals “do not meet the high thresholds set by ministers”.

Mr Buckland said: “I have been working hard to make sure that Swindon station remains truly friendly to all ages and customers, so this announcement is welcome news.

“Whilst digital means are very important, they cannot be the only way in which you get tickets.

"Having trained members of staff with machines on hand in the station forecourt area seems to me to be a sensible way forward.

“But there is much more that needs to be done, and we need to hear more about the plans with regards to ticket offices, and indeed the whole way in which we get train tickets.

“And that is why I will be working closely on this issue in the coming weeks to make sure that any changes are made in the best interests of us, the passengers, and that the experience at Swindon Station does not become one that deters people from wanting to use our train services.”