We’ve all seen our fair share of dodgy parking but very few examples are so bad that they catch the eye of the police.

But that’s what happened when one driver in Royal Wootton Bassett was given an official warning from Wiltshire Police for their bad parking on the school run.

On Wednesday, November 1, PCSO Beasley and Walsh were out patrolling the streets of Royal Wootton Bassett when they spotted a car parked on the corner of a junction.

The car was found around the corner from St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy, which is known for its lack of available parking for parents.

But police pointed out that: “Most people were parked sensibly until we came across a vehicle parked on the corner of a junction.”

Swindon Advertiser: The driver has been given a warning for parking on the corner of a junction.The driver has been given a warning for parking on the corner of a junction. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police added: “Parking such as this causes issues with visibility whilst using the junction, restricts emergency service vehicle access and pedestrians crossing the road.”

Officers pointed out that this parking was a particular concern due to its proximity to a primary school, where lots of young children would be crossing the road at pick up time.

Wiltshire Police officers have now noted the vehicle registration for future patrols, and provided an official warning notice – not what you want to see when you get back to the car with the kids.

Although there is no UK law against parking on a corner, Rule 242 of the Highway Code states that you must not leave your vehicle in a dangerous position or where it causes any unnecessary obstruction of the road.

Rule 243 of the code goes on to further specify places you must not park, including "on a bend" and "anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services."

But multiple Bassett residents have pointed out that although parking on a corner of a junction is "unacceptable", the area is "a nightmare to find parking."

Charlie Chevens said: “I work at the school and it is so dangerous at 3pm. It’s like a slalom course.

“That huge hole that keeps reappearing in the road doesn’t help either.”

Commenters said the lack of parking spaces leaves parents trying to pick up their children from school in a difficult situation, particularly those with mobility issues who are unable to leave their vehicle further away and walk long distances.