Neglected public tennis courts in Swindon were given a £140,000 investment in July, but four months later there’s still no sign of them opening.

South Swindon Parish Council announced in March 2023 that the ‘unplayable’ Quarry Road sporting facility would be transformed, using funding provided by the Lawn Tennis Association.

"The Quarry Road Tennis Courts have now been painted and we hope you agree they look fantastic,” a spokesperson for the council said in June.

According to the Parish Council, the courts, which had previously been sinking into the ground and full of potholes, were set to open in time for Wimbledon in July.

However, major drainage issues and relentless flooding mean that the bright, freshly painted courts are looking worse for wear, and there is no sign of an opening date any time soon.

Swindon Advertiser: Quarry Road courts are currently dangerous to play on.Quarry Road courts are currently dangerous to play on. (Image: Newsquest)

A recent statement from South Swindon Parish Council said:

“The redevelopment of the courts was completed in June and we had originally planned to open the courts in time for Wimbledon.

“Unfortunately, the drainage issues on Quarry Road have been worse than we had anticipated, leading to the flooding of the courts each time there was heavy rainfall.

“That has led us to take the decision not to open the courts until these issues are rectified.

“We have now received and approved drainage plans from a specialist engineer and are now sourcing quotes from contractors to complete the drainage works.

“We are disappointed we weren’t able to open the courts in the summer, but Swindon tennis players can look forward to fully refurbished courts complimented by an adequate drainage system next year.”

Swindon Advertiser: The tennis courts before and after the £140,000 refurb.The tennis courts before and after the £140,000 refurb. (Image: South Swindon Parish Council)

The Quarry Road courts are managed by a partnership between the parish council and the National Tennis Association.

The Tennis Association pay rent to the parish council to be used as a fund for ongoing maintenance and an eventual refurbishment further down the line.

“We aim to make tennis easily accessible with low charges, professional organisation and engaging activities for the local community,” said the association on its website.

“You can pay and play for court hire, and we have two affordable membership options to play and access our activities all year round.“

However, the booking section of the website currently shows the courts listed as closed for the foreseeable future, and no hire or membership is available.

South Swindon Parish Council have been contacted for further comment, but are yet to respond.