The Link Centre in Swindon has announced that more of its facilities will be reopening next week, after huge flood damage caused the centre to close.

On October 10, it was announced that Link Centre's gym and fitness studios would be reopening as workers desperately attempted to restore power and clear damage.

Now, the soft play and trampoline park will also reopen from next week.

Barnaby Rich, partnership manager at Better, the company which runs the centre, added that the ice rink could open this year.

Mr Rich said: "Over the past two weeks we have had a significant amount of work carried out to clear the drains around the centre car parks and remove debris that we believe built up from the initial flood.

"We have managed to establish temporary power, through the use of generators, to the Gym, Studios and some of the circulation areas – these are now open to the public.

"Work continues to establish more temporary power around the centre and we hope to have sufficient lighting and power to our soft play and trampoline park in the next 7-10 days.

"The team are gearing up to open the Soft Play from Monday and the Trampoline Park will also open next week."

Speaking about the future of the centre's popular ice rink, Barnaby added: "A programme of work has started to replace the ice rink base and plant systems. We are hopeful we might be in a position to re-open this facility before the end of the year."