Protestors gathered outside a Labour Party fundraising dinner at STEAM Museum in Swindon, to call out the party’s ‘inaction’ in the current Palestine conflict.

As Labour Party members and others affiliated with the Party walked into the dinner event at 7pm on Friday, November 3, over 30 peaceful protestors waved their flags high and made sure their voices were heard.

“The reason we are here is because Keir Starmer has not called for a ceasefire,” said protestor Kate Linnegar.

“What the Israeli state is doing is a war crime. Just today another hospital was bombed, and yet all the Labour Party has done is talk about a pause. What we need is not a pause, but a ceasefire.

“We have heard nothing from the local Labour Party.”

Kate Linnegar, who protested amongst other Swindon locals, was a previous Labour Party candidate in 2019.

Speaking to The Adver now, she explained: “In 2019 I would have proudly stood as a member of the Labour party. Now I am not a member and I won’t even vote for them. What they’re doing is disgusting.”

Another protestor, who did not wish to be named, added:

“I feel that I have lost my voice, and my faith in the Labour Party. If I vote for them now then I am partaking in the war crime with them.”

Chants of “Labour Party shame on you”, and “cease fire now” echoed through STEAM's car park, with many of the chants being enthusiastically led by the handful of children there.

The anger and passion in their voices was clear.

“The most important thing here is that these people walking in hear us and hear our message,” said 47-year-old Pete Pilly, who stood holding a protest banner with 17-year-old Momen Ali.

Despite their 30 year age gap, the pair were united in one message.

The banner, which had a huge ‘33’ on it, referenced Article 33 of the Geneva Convention which aims to protect the rights and dignity of civilians in times of war.

Swindon Advertiser: Over 30 protestors, young and old, lined the street outside STEAM Museum.Over 30 protestors, young and old, lined the street outside STEAM Museum. (Image: Newsquest)

Upon seeing chanting protestors standing outside the entrance to STEAM, several attendees of the dinner event tried to enter via the back door. They were greeted with shouts of “cowards.”

One attendee who walked the past crowds of protestors paused to tell them “I support what you’re saying.”

“Well make sure that lot inside know that then,” was the protestors' response.

Swindon Advertiser: Mike Bowden, addressing the crowd of protestors.Mike Bowden, addressing the crowd of protestors. (Image: Newsquest)

Mike Bowden, from Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership, was one of the few attending the dinner who stopped to speak with crowds.

He told them: "I believe that a dead child is a dead child and I give equal weight whether they are Israeli or Palestinian."