A Ru Paul's Drag Race UK star says she cannot wait to try out Swindon's iconic Magic Roundabout as she prepares to star in a pantomime in the town.

Divina De Campo is playing Morgiana, the Wicked Queen in Snow White, at the Wyvern theatre this Christmas.

The show brings her to Swindon for the very first time, and in an interview with the Adver, she says she is looking forward to experiencing the Magic Roundabout and Tree nightclub.

Having only recently heard about Swindon’s iconic landmark, she was excited to explore it and even suggested standing in the centre of it dressed in full costume.

She said: “I should at least take a picture with it.Swindon Advertiser:

“Maybe just early in the morning, before everybody else is out I could just wander round the roundabout, just so that I have done it”.

The nightlife of Swindon was something that intrigued Divina and she even discussed going to Tree nightclub with one of our Adver reporters.

Divina said: “I’m really excited about finding out what little gems Swindon has to offer.

“I’m going to research Swindon and find out all of the interesting facts.”

She also shared the struggle of navigating her way to the Wyvern Theatre because of the construction work taking place along Fleming Way.

She said: “The only thing that I found difficult was that Google Maps hasn’t realised what’s happening in Swindon yet, that there’s all this work going on, so it tried to send us through this great wall of Swindon and that didn’t help."

Going from Drag Race to Swindon’s pantomime is a big change but it seems to be something that Divina is embracing.

She explained how there is far less pressure and that breaking the fourth wall and introducing children into theatre for the first time is what really excites her.Swindon Advertiser:

Divina said: “Panto is infinitely better than doing drag race, drag race, you’ve only got four people to entertain, and they're sat behind a big desk they don’t really want you to entertain them.

“Whereas with panto, everyone comes, they want you to be great, you want to be great, they all have a great time and as well, it’s the first place where most kids get to come to the theatre and experience it and so it's really magical.

“The joy in panto is that when things go wrong it's not the end of the world and actually sometimes those things are what make the show for the audience even more.”

Snow White takes place at the Wyvern Theatre from December 2 to 31.