A FIVE-YEAR old girl was among those injured in a four-car pile-up in Swindon

At roughly 4pm on Friday, November 10 several people were travelling on Drakes Way when a car abruptly slammed on their brakes causing four vehicles behind it to crash into each other. 

Wiltshire Police responded to the multi-car crash and closed the road at the time to help them deal with the situation. 

a spokesperson for the force said: "At around 4pm on Friday (November 10) we responded to a four-vehicle road traffic collision on Drakes Way in Swindon.

“A man in his 30s and a five-year-old girl suffered minor injuries."

Ellie-Mae Hackett was one of the people involved in the crash, which she described as being 'awful'. 

She said: "A car just braked suddenly and it caused a massive pileup. Everyone was in shock."

She added that she was fine but was suffering from 'awful whiplash'. 

"Police used a breathalyser on everyone, so I think they're investigating it, but most of us have been left without a car now."

The Wiltshire Police spokesperson confirmed that no arrests were made at the scene.